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Players From Overseas


Western Hockey Club has a history of welcoming overseas players. Over recent years we've hosted players from numerous countries around the world. A few of these include Argentina, England, Wales, Zimbabwe, Czechoslovakia, Germany, South Africa, Holland, Scotland and Germany.

The hockey season in New Zealand starts in April and goes through to late September. The premier 1 league is the highest level of club hockey . Premier 1 hockey in Auckland is considered to be the most competitive in all of New Zealand.

Read the testimonials from some of our current and recent members ...

Eike Duckwitz from Germany:
 "Western ist ein überaus geselliger Hockey-Club, in dem nicht nur der Sport, sondern auch das Clubleben eine große Rolle spielt. Von der ersten Minute an habe ich viel Unterstützung erfahren und die Zeit im Kreise der "Western Family" sehr genossen. Auf dem Platz wird neuseeländisch hart gekämpft, aber nach dem Spiel in netter Runde im Clubhaus zusammengesessen ! Neuseeland als Land ist der absolute Wahnsinn und bei Western trifft man die echten Kiwis - sympatisch, weltoffen, gastfreundlich und liebenswert. Ich habe den großen Wunsch, dass ich noch einmal nach Auckland zu Western zurückkehren kann und vielleicht sehen wir uns dann in Avondale !"

John MacKinnon from Scotland:
"Western- a braw club for maw, paw and the weans; auldyins an bairns alike. Great atmosphere an ayeways hoachin at the weekend wae plenty a spectators gein it laldy frae the verandah. Watter-based pitch (but nae neid fur yur wellies!) wae top facilities- the best aroon. The shoap sells a lot mair than just a jeely piece an a can a skoosh! An nae just guid fur a post-gemme sesh- the stowed oot boozer an' chippy are open aw oors. The highheidyins run a guid summer league an there's loads o organised rammies thruoot the year so evry chance o a winch, a lumber or mibby even yer Nat King. Come roon an huv a wee shooftie or stay fur yonks. Peely-wallys bring yer loshun! Miss oot an ye'll be scunnerred."

Victor Straatman from The Netherlands:
 "Western is een erg gezellige club, waar goed hockey wordt gespeeld. Wat ik vooral leuk vind aan Western is het internatiale karakter; zoals je hierboven ziet komen onze spelers overal vandaan. Western is verder een club waar ze wel een pintje lusten, dus dat is natuurlijk ook altijd mooi. Als je meer wil weten over hockeyen in Nieuw Zeeland, stuur ons dan gerust een email en we helpen je verder!"

James Grant from England:
 "I first played for Western in 1995 whilst enjoying my University summer holidays.  I found the club to be extremely social and very similar to the hockey clubs in England.  I enjoyed the hockey and the Western "family" so much that I decided to return in 1996 for a second season.  In 2002 I moved permanently to NZ and found that the Western tradition of work hard, play hard had not changed and would thoroughly recommend the club to any hockey player of any ability."

Julian Dapena from Argentina:
 "Hola, bueno les cuento que mi experiencia en Western hockey club fue muy buena y la gente es muy calida y social a la vez, desde que arrive a este pais siempre tube mucho apoyo de todas las personas tanto en lo afectivo como en lo laboral, es como una gran familia. Tambien encontre que es un pais que le encanta tomar cervezas despues de los partidos y asi seguir con la parte social entre los equipos y a la ves seguir disfrutando de otros partidos."

Kenny Kilkenny from South Africa:
 "There is much to be said for a club that welcomes players from all over the world. Western’s are friendly open minded and are well aware of the need to meet people outside of the western gene pool. I personally have enjoyed the tremendous character and spirit and although I don’t get most of the humour I laugh anyway. Vir ons Suid Afrikaaners is hierdie mense vol pret en hulle hou baai van die spel en meer van die partytjie daarna. Hulle is ook prubeer om alles reg to maak om to wen! Dumela Rigona wena okei - Molwenie abafazi.Ndi vela eGoli. U sebenza Kakhulu ne hockey? Kulungile. Hamba kakuhle namhlange."

Do you want to know more about hockey in New Zealand? Or find out more about Western? Please fill in an online enquiry and we will respond within two days!

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