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Club History


The Club history can be traced back to Owai Rovers Hockey Club, which was affiliated with the Auckland Hockey Association on March 27, 1939 with three teams, won it's first Championship in 1940 and reached Senior Status in 1942. A Ladies team was entered in 1940, but only lasted for three seasons.

In 1954 a few players from the Club decided to form a Club of young players who had attended Avondale College. This club was affiliated on April 21, 1954 as Avondale College Past Pupils Association, and had one team in the third grade. This team won the championship in it's first year, and again the year after! In 1956, the Club's name was changed to Avondale College Ex Students, which quickly became ACES. This Club won every grade that it entered for the next four years. However it did not manage to achieve promotion to Senior Status.


Meantime, Owai Rovers had continued, but was finding difficulties in fielding teams of strength in some grades. The club could also see the problems of ACES, and an approach was made about the two clubs amalgamating. Both clubs also knew that another group in Henderson was proposing to form a new Club, so this group was approached, in the hope of forming one strong Club.


As a result, Western Districts Hockey Club was formed at a meeting held March 1, 1958 by an amalgamation of the three groups. Affiliation with the Auckland Hockey Association was granted on March 13, 1958, and affiliation with the Ladies Association was granted on March 15, 1958.


The new Club immediately proved successful, and in the decade of the sixties became one of the strongest clubs in Auckland, winning many Championships in both Mens and Ladies Hockey.


 In 1983 the Club opened the Rob Henry Pavilion, which is the only all weather, fully enclosed Hockey Training Facility in New Zealand. This Pavilion is a great asset, allowing training to be carried out indoors, on turf, at any time of the day or night, no matter what the weather is like.


Throughout the nineties and noughties the club has had an enthusiastic membership which despite the lack of Championship successes continues on into the next century.

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